Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stories of July: Part 2 - Birthdays and Reunions

This July I had lots of Family and Birthday Fun! My Sister-in-law Catie turned 11, and then one of my best friends, Zoe, who I've known for the past two years turned 21, so that was pretty exciting for her. I absolutely love birthdays. Mostly because of cake.

Erin made all of these cakes for Catie's birthday. They were awesomely decorated to look like balloons, and also very delicious! I enjoyed the chocolate one the best.

We managed to get a picture of the sisters (minus Mo and Erin...)

Having a picnic - Chili Dogs and Fritos are apparently the tradition for birthdays

Happy Birthday Catie!
We are going to go to a movie and shopping soon to celebrate.

I didn't take many photos of Zoe's birthday, but I know she had a great time.

Zoe with Simone

Zoe and Matt

Zoe and Me

Happy Birthday Friend!

And to round it off, the last weekend in July was the Butts' Family Reunion (Jon's Mom's side of the family)

We camped in Taylor Park and had a blast! Even though it rained almost every evening.

There was a whole lot more of us there, but this was in Tin Cup, a mining town north of Gunnison Colorado. As you can see, it was beautiful during the day.

I got to meet many people from Jon's family that I didn't know before, so it was a great experience, even if it was the week before my summer finals. :)

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