Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saige Elizabeth Ellis (Crazy Update Post #2)

Introducing Saige Elizabeth Ellis!
9lbs 11oz

My niece Saige was born March 30, 2010! She is adorable and beautiful and growing up soooo fast! It is crazy how time flies. Here are some more pictures of my lovely niece!

Such a little darling!

Colby's first experience at being a big brother...I think he fits the bill!

At 2 months old! Oh so cute!

Courtney and her babies!

When I found out Courtney was having another little one, I decided to make her a baby blanket. Well a lot of time and lots of yarn produced a very beautiful blanket for an even more beautiful baby! Here's the results!

Just one Hexagon

A small stack of them

A few sewn together

A little bit bigger

Tada! I literally finished it the day before my parents flew out to see Courtney.. haha!
And baby Saige with her blankie!

I'm only a little upset that Courtney stole the thunder for the 1st Grandson AND 1st Granddaughter for my mom and dad! haha! But maybe it's better her than me as I am not quite ready to have any little ones yet. ;) Congrats Courtney on a wonderful baby girl! Can't wait to come see her in August!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Isla Formosa (Crazy Update Post #1)

As many of you already know, Jon and I wanted to go to Taiwan for our honeymoon when we were married two years ago. As you also know, we decided not to but we saved up money for it and actually were able to go in January 2010. It was an awesome and much needed vacation and a bit of a second honeymoon for us. Sorry it has taken me so long to get these posts up, but my life has been more than a little crazy lately. I don't have much time at all to blog anymore, but hopefully I will start making time.

Now for some pictures!!!!

Arriving in Kaohsiung - super late and very tired from plane rides!

Elevator buttons: We were on the 6th floor but there was no 4th floor, because 4 sounds like the word "death" in chinese... A little superstitious

Our first day in Taiwan
SanDiMen 三地門 aborigine cultural center.

We found this in our Chicken Soup... =0

Us on a rooftop with Kaohsuing in the background.

The Dragon and Lion Pagodas 龍虎塔 at Lotus Lake 蓮池潭

My first experience eating Bing, shaved milk with toppings, kind of like ice cream.

We drove a scooter around while there. In this picture we were waiting for a ferry to leave the island Qi Jin.

On the train to ChiaYi

In ChiaYi with our touristy shirts!

Night View of Taipei!

At the temple. We got to go inside and everything! It was awesome!

The Taipei101, once the tallest building in the world, now I believe 2nd tallest.

Jon at the beach at JinZun 金尊. This was in TaiDong County. Very beautiful!

The beginning of our hike to SanXianTai 三仙台 pictured in the background

Sunset while hiking...

We went to lunch with Homer and had what is called 一條八吃, which means "One Strip, Eight Eat." It was eight different entrees made out of one complete fish (the fish was HUGE). So we basically had a fishy lunch.

At the rocky beach of Eluanbi 鵝鑾鼻.

The southernmost point of Taiwan!
At KenDing Beach

At Monkey Mountain 壽山 in Kaohsuing

This may or may not be the monkey that later attacked Jon for his food...

Way too close for comfort!!!

Just one of the many families I got to meet from Jon's mission. Great wonderful amazing people! So kind and so thoughtful, I love them so much!

Back at the airport with Thomas to see us off! We were already at the gate by the time Thomas came, but the immigration guy led us back out and then escorted us back to the gate. Crazy huh?

I can't explain what a great experience this was. It was so wonderful to be able to see all the places Jon served and to meet all the people. I love Taiwan, and even though I can speak hardly any Chinese, I loved our trip out there. It was just amazing! The best vacation in the world. I can't wait to go back someday!!!

For anyone who wants to see all the photos they are available on facebook. Here are some links!

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