Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Saturday, Jon, Tabi and I went to the Taste of Fort Collins festival in Old Town. We spent a lot of money on fairly stupid things, but it was fun.

We got to see Lifehouse in concert there (and outdoor concerts are always the best) and we ate some really good food and bought some neat things from the vendors.

Ben and Steve showed up later so we ended up hanging out with them for the rest of the evening. We ended up going ice blocking at Epic, which was awesomely fun, and I'm still sore from it... We did a train of all 5 of us! Even though Tabi got the worst of it, it was a lot of fun.

I then watched Rocky with Jon and Ben and Tabi. I'd never seen it before, and I slept through a lot of it, but since the Rocky movies are Jon's favorite, I decided to give it a try. Rocky II is better. :)

Anywho, that was my Saturday, full of fun and adventure. I got to start actually working at my job instead of training, and it's not too bad. I just have to answer people's questions and try to get them to buy from me. I made one sale yesterday! It was awesome, cause it was right at the end of my day. So far, working there isn't so bad.

Friday, June 6, 2008


I finally got a job, which is good, because I need income fast! I start work on Monday at Center Partners, an inbound call center. I'll be doing sales for TiVo, a DVR company. It will probably suck a lot, especially at first since I've never really done phone sales before, but I'll get paid at least 9.25/hr + any commissions I make in sales, and I'll be able to continue part time through the school year. Maybe there is potential for a raise too. :) If I work hard, which I plan to.

School is going well. I had my first test (the midterm) a week ago and it was the easiest test I've ever taken. 100% and I didn't even study for more than 1/2 an hour. I love summer school. :) I wish I could take all of my classes in the summer. My Art class ends in a week, next Friday, and then the next one begins! I'm not really looking forward to Speech class. Art, I think, is easier. Hopefully, because it's a summer class, it will be pretty easy too. Then I just have to pass all of my classes in the fall to graduate. It's going to be a busy next 6 months.

My camera broke, which makes me really sad. The zoom/shutter button broke off, which is weird, and makes me feel like my camera is really cheap. I had to send it in to the repair place to get it fixed, and if it's not covered under warranty it'll cost $70, but it has a warranty so it probably won't cost anything. :) I just want my camera back, cause as of right now, I can't take pictures!!! I hope I get it back before the wedding.

It's already June 6th! Which means that I'm getting married in two months! It's so weird to think of life moving on like this. When my sister got married, I felt so old, and I watched her and thought how weird it would be when I got married. I didn't think it would come this fast though. :)

I'm still working on plans for the wedding. We've got bridesmaid dresses pretty much figured out, but we still have lots left to do. I'm feeling less stressed out about it all though, which is weird, because it's getting closer, and so maybe I should be more stressed, but I think it's just that I don't care anymore. I've got the most important think squared away, and that is my sealing to Jon in the Temple. As long as that happens, nothing else matters. :D