Sunday, June 7, 2009

Burn Baby Burn...

Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, someone decided to start a fire in Jon's car. We don't know who or why, but the results were a little intense.

As you can see, the driver's seat is completely burned out, and you can probably tell the source of the fire by where the red rag and the partially burnt tissue box are. Also note the plastic stalactites hanging from the ceiling. There were burn marks on the passenger seat as well, but it was mostly the driver's seat the took the heat. (get it...haha). Apparently whoever did this used the hide-a-key to get in, and after starting the fire, locked and shut the door, thus preventing the fire to get more oxygen. It could have been a lot worse.

So after discovering this on Wednesday morning, Jon calls me as I'm driving to work to tell me. All I can think of is that he can't be making it up, because it's too random for him to be able to even conceive this. I'm just glad no one was hurt.

More pictures below show the damage in closer detail. Like I said, it was mostly just the driver's seat, but insurance still called the car totaled because of all the melted plastic and smoke damage. It would take too much to fix it, and it would never be the same again.
So we're off to buy another car. This time most definitely a used one, and we'll also be trying to cut our car payment a lot so we can start paying off my student loans and save some money. We'll see how long we can go with just one car I guess. :)


Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

that sucks mal! I saw the one pic on facebook, but it looks worse in your pics. good luck finding a new car.

Mason and Stacey said...

oh my goodness... who would do such a thing?! good luck with the car search. :)