Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lantern Festival

At the end of Chinese New Year is a holiday called Lantern Festival. To celebrate, usually you light lanterns and walk around with them, but there's also a huge fireworks display at a temple. So naturally we drove out there to experience the magic!

Ready for the show

They have these statues of Gods outside of the temple. They were pretty creepy with glowing eyes.

At the beginning of the show, this monkey burst into flames! We were right underneath it, and I remember thinking how scary it was! But also... really cool!

There was a string of fireworks that rained down creating a wall in the crowd. We were right next to this, too.

Some normal fireworks

Enjoying the show

So they would bring out this huge box of fireworks that would shoot out the sides INTO the crowd... we even got hit by some of them!

Jon and the crowd

I had two nasty bruises on my legs, but Jon was hit right in the temple!

A little crazy... I think next time we will stay a bit further back... haha

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