Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chinese New Year - Vacation and Parents Visit

The biggest holiday of the year is Chinese New Year. It's similar to our Christmas in the west, simply because you get time off school (three weeks), you visit family, and you get presents (hongbao). We really enjoyed our vacation, especially because my parents came to visit us for the whole three weeks I was off of school! We had a blast!

Taipei 101

Holding up the moon!

It was a super cloudy day. And rainy, just like the day before.

Mom and Dad in the 101

At the botanical gardens

At the chocolate museum in Tamsui

This girl made a tiny snowman, because for the first time in 30 years it snowed in Taipei. Then she carried it home on the metro. I love her.

Mom and Dad ordering their first Lunchbox!

A little redbean cake for snack

We loved the oreo ones!

Dad with a redbean cake

Mom and Dad on top of the Department Store roof

Us and the department store (The oldest one in Taiwan!)

At the Confucius Temple

Banana Chocolate Pineapple Bing!

And Taiwanese sausage!!!

At Anping Old Fort

And Anping Treehouse

Mom, in her natural habitat (taking pictures)

We went to Nephi for dinner!

Mom and her meal

Dad and his meal

Mom and Dad with Nephi and the orange he peeled!

Cherries jubilee!

First Hanbao (hamburger) for breakfast at our house in Tainan

Flower Night Market, trying crickets!

Another pic at the night market

That was just the first week! From there we went off to the Philippines! Here are some pictures from our time in Manila. We only had 4 days there, so we did A LOT in a little time.

Food tour in Manila. Not to be missed!

They decorated these and sold them on the street

More food

This thing was pretty dang delicious!

Frog legs!

Outside the National Museum

View of the ocean

We got to go in a winter land where it was snowy and cold! Also, penguins!

This lights and water show was the most disappointing. Don't even ask about the "hot dog"

Fish market


Trying out some new foods!

Mom trying some food

At Villa Escudero

This guy serenaded us.

Waterfall lunch

Seriously, you eat lunch while a waterfall runs past you into the river. Awesome.



A romantic dance

Tour of Corregidor Island

Dad in the mine

WWII Monument

Gorgeous views

Some more awesome food. Jon loved this trip!!!

These kids are playing with pogs!!!

And a walk along the city wall.

I don't have any pictures of our trip to Taal Volcano (I let my mom handle that) or Hidden Valley Springs (we were swimming!) But we had an excellent time in Manila. I want to go back to the Philippines, but there are so many other places to see.

After our short trip there, we returned to Taiwan to visit Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Kenting. 

At Lotus Lake

Feeding the fish in the Temple


Of course, BING!

In Kaohsiung - Qijin

View of the city behind us

So beautiful!

On top of the WORLD!

Qijin Beach

Mom and Dad on the beach

At the Dream Mall

They have a Ferris Wheel on top of the mall

We hiked up Monkey Mountain as we like to call it.

Mom and Dad with all the monkeys

This monkey stole Jon's granola bar out of his pocket...

An interesting sign

View of the city from Crystal Lake in Kaohsiung 

Crystal Lake

Jon is imitating the man in the background

Forever alone...

Group pic!

At the aquarium in Pingtung


The southernmost tip of Taiwan


Waves on the rocky beach

Jon being annoyed with picture taking

The Buddhist Monastery

Mom writing some Chinese

When we got back there had been an earthquake in Tainan. This was the only picture I took of the aftermath, but it was a lot worse than this. My dresser even fell over onto my bed! Ahhhh

The last part of our trip was actually Chinese New Year, so we took a trip up to see Angel's family in Hsinchu.

Mom and Dad eating BBQ!

Trying out the TimTam Slam!

Angel, MoMo and I

Mom and Dad with Angel's cousin

Neil and Neilson setting off fireworks

Our little hike in the mountains

Jon and I at the Ten Drum Village in Tainan

Me and Mom

Thanks for coming to visit! We enjoyed having you! 

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