Friday, July 26, 2013

Jonathan's Adventures

Over the last couple days I've realized that the whole world now knows what I've been up to since moving to Wichita, Kansas, but no one has any idea what happened to Jon. I'd love hate for everyone to think that I'm the most interesting person in this family (but let's face it, most days I am, unless Bing has a crazy moment), but Jon is interesting, too! We've been through quite a lot since moving to Wichita, and it hasn't just been me that has all this exciting news. I am, however, the one who blogs (Jon does have a blog, go check it out and tell me when was the last time he posted...yeah, I think I'm a little bit better at this...)

So I actually totally will be short loooong with this, because I can't be very verbose seem to shut up about something I know very little about. ;)

So Jon moves to Wichita without me. Remember this? 7 long and terrible months a part (which just made me love him more). He graduated and got this great job with Cargill! See this post for more info! It was awesome, cause he had to travel A LOT during the first few months with Cargill, and I was in graduate school, in Colorado, living with my awesome Bro- and Sis-in-Law. So even if I had been in Kansas, I wouldn't have seen much of my husband. I've heard stories of this time. Jon's second bachelorhood. Just him and the dog. People tell me he had a whole pantry cupboard full of candy and I needed to get a move on and get out to Wichita to get some real food in my house! FYI, that cupboard is STILL full of candy.

I don't know a whole lot about what went on when I was not living here, but Jon and I talked on the phone or Skype every single day. You see, we have this commitment to read scriptures together every day. We started this when we were newly engaged, and haven't missed a day since. It's one of those things that brings us so close as a couple, AND it's very difficult to be mad at someone while you're reading the word of God, so it also mends arguments! Another post on that later. We also pray together, but that is soooo awkward over the phone. I can't explain it, it just IS. Anyway. I moved out to Wichita in January. See this post for more info.

So how is Jon now working for Beechcraft? What happened? Well short (I can't make anything short, I'm so sorry...) story is, he was laid off let go (see this clip from Emperor's New Groove) from Cargill, got a new job in record time at ViaChristi Health, working in business development and decided that he'd like to go back to school to get his Masters. So May 2012, Jon started his MSGM with Thunderbird School of Global Management, AND an MBA with Indiana University. YES! Two degrees at the SAME TIME. He is awesome, but not crazy, so just so you are aware, it's actually a dual degree program. :) He is expected to graduate December 2014. So we only have a year and half left!

So that Summer of 2012 was pretty interesting. Jon had been working for Via Christi for a couple months, just started a new Masters program, and I didn't have a job lined up for next school year. And you all already know this, but I DID get a job at Martin Elementary, and after I had a job, Jon and I made the leap that we had been contemplating for a year or so, and applied to be host parents. See this post about Charlie!

So here we are; both in newish jobs, Jon in school full time, Mallory FREAKING OUT because your first year teaching at a new school is crazy, and a new person coming to live with us. Everything happens for a reason though. And this last year was amazing. I can't even express how blessed we are. All I know is God is good, and he loves us.

Jon was asked in the Fall of 2012 to interview with Beechcraft. He wasn't looking for a new job, he didn't apply for it, but THEY found HIM. And then they gave him an offer which we couldn't refuse. We prayed about it, we fasted about it, and Jon went to work for a new company. We love Beechcraft! Jon has really enjoyed working there, and when he's happy, I'm happy.

So the real adventures come with Jon's schooling. Because he's in this program, he has to gets to take week long classes in other countries around the world. He had signed up for one in Prague, Czech Republic (like there's another Prague that I would be talking about...haha) and instead of just going for a week, we decided to make a sweet vacation out of it and tour around Europe. Jon has another one of these classes in February (Lima, Peru, this time) but I don't think I'll be able to go. Too much time off work for me.

Through all of this, and especially looking back on it, I can see the hand of my Father in Heaven in my life. He has always poured out blessings upon me, and my family, and I am so grateful for his hand in my life. If you are struggling seeing the little things that God does for you each day, I encourage you to keep a gratitude journal. I started doing this and wow has it opened my eyes. Even on the worst days, I can always think of three things to be grateful for. Also, this works really well for prayers. Write down three things you're grateful for, three things you'd like to ask God to bless you with, and then pray over those things.

So, I think we are almost completely caught up. Stay tuned for VACATION POSTS! Because I know that everyone started salivating the moment I mentioned Europe, I promise there will be pictures, and details. Oh, did I mention we also went to Brazil this summer? You'll just have to wait and see!

P.S. Why doesn't anyone comment? Seriously, I love comments! If you want details about Europe/Brazil, then you need to comment. Thank you!

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Amber and Brandin Whiting said...

I want to see pictures! and hear the fun stories!! Ha ha. Sounds like you guys have had quite the adventure. :)