Thursday, June 3, 2010

A New Beginning: Jon's Graduation, New Job, New House, Mal Starts Graduate School (Crazy Update Post #3)

It's official people! Jonathan has graduated from Colorado State University, with a ton of crazy honors, tassels, cords, stoles and other stuff! :D And here's the evidence to prove it!!!
Just look at that smirk!

Me and Mom admiring the BLING!

Moriah did an AWESOME job of decorating cupcakes for the party!

And Jon showing off his suit while I get to wear all the bling I helped him earn!
(I say that a little humorously, I didn't do much, but I hope I was very supportive at least!)

Joking aside, I just want to take a moment to share how proud I am of my husband. Since we've been married he's taken at least 21 credits a semester (including summer semester) and has worked so very hard to get where he is today, to graduate a little earlier than we thought possible and to land an amazing job in Wichita Kansas. That's right, Kansas. Jon moved out there the day after he graduated, and I'll be joining him in December.

The company he now works for is called Cargill. He works in the Meat Packing division called "Case Ready" as a Supply Chain Analyst. Since I talk to him EVERY DAY I know how much he loves his job and I am so proud of him. He truly is the motivated hardworking amazingly spiritual man that I married almost two years ago, and I love him so much. Can't wait to be with him in our NEW HOUSE!

Isn't it great! For more pictures see the facebook album "There's No Place Like Home" And no it is not a rental. We actually did buy a house and it is perfect!

In other news, that Monday I started my graduate degree at the University of Northern Colorado and will be getting licensure in Elementary Education, and later on a Masters degree. The last month or so has been a little crazy, but it's been worth it. I absolutely love my program and my classmates and while it's been hard to be away from Jon, I know this is what I need to be doing, so that I can be a teacher! YAY!

Wish us luck as we embark on this new journey and new beginnings!


Elizabeth said...

as your resident style expert :p ....I approve of that suit!

Courtney said...

Sweet cake/cupcakes! I can't believe how much stuff he had around his neck. Crazy overacheiver (I can't spell lol).

Courtney said...

oh and where in the world did he find that suit!?!.

ValSterByDe said...

hey Mallory, this is Valarie (Shelby's mom) just saw your blog. send me an email and i can invite you to our blog, then you can watch Shelby grow up.
p.s. congrats on the graduation and house!

Mallory said...

He's had that suit since High School, for a Prom I think. He has a gold one too. :)