Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saige Elizabeth Ellis (Crazy Update Post #2)

Introducing Saige Elizabeth Ellis!
9lbs 11oz

My niece Saige was born March 30, 2010! She is adorable and beautiful and growing up soooo fast! It is crazy how time flies. Here are some more pictures of my lovely niece!

Such a little darling!

Colby's first experience at being a big brother...I think he fits the bill!

At 2 months old! Oh so cute!

Courtney and her babies!

When I found out Courtney was having another little one, I decided to make her a baby blanket. Well a lot of time and lots of yarn produced a very beautiful blanket for an even more beautiful baby! Here's the results!

Just one Hexagon

A small stack of them

A few sewn together

A little bit bigger

Tada! I literally finished it the day before my parents flew out to see Courtney.. haha!
And baby Saige with her blankie!

I'm only a little upset that Courtney stole the thunder for the 1st Grandson AND 1st Granddaughter for my mom and dad! haha! But maybe it's better her than me as I am not quite ready to have any little ones yet. ;) Congrats Courtney on a wonderful baby girl! Can't wait to come see her in August!!!!

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Courtney said...

She loves her blanket! Can't wait to see you