Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Zoo of Sorts...

This last Monday was the first one that Jon has had off school, since it's finals week and all. Therefore, it's the first real weekend we have been able to spend with each other since I started working on Saturday. I was planning on making it a very productive day: working on my substitute application, my application for school at UNC, and studying for the GRE. Amidst all of that, Jon asked me if I wanted to go to the Swetsville Zoo with him. I love Zoo's so naturally I said "YES!"

When we got there, this is what we found.
From the entrance, you can't really tell, but this is a Zoo of animals made entirely of old farm materials. It is literally amazing, and Jon said we had to go because they are shutting it down. A Wal*Mart is being built across the street and they need to widen the road, so the Swetsville Zoo was looking a little sad, but that didn't stop us from enjoying all the wonderful creations!

These guys are AWESOME!!!

This guy is super tall,

Jon looks super small!

And I'm taking off!

It was a really fun trip, and way cool to see all of that stuff. There is sooo much more that I didn't take pictures of, but if any of you are in Fort Collins in the near future (since it's closing) you should go to the Swetsville Zoo!


Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

that's pretty neat!

Anonymous said...
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Mason and Stacey said...

hey! i just found your blog!!