Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Little Family...

I love to think about me and Jon as a family now. It's so amazing how much the Lord has blessed my life, and I'm so grateful for all that I have. Of course I still have my family, my mom and dad and sisters, brother-in-law and recent nephew, but it's great to have my little family too, and that's always how I describe it. Our new little family.

Not so new anymore I guess. After more than six months of marriage, it doesn't feel very new, but many who have been married for longer might argue with that. I'm still deeply in love. I was watching a movie today and all of a sudden really missed Jon. He was just upstairs doing homework, yet I had this overwhelming desire for him to be with me watching the movie. I love that feeling, and I love my husband. And here is our first family picture!

This was taken at graduation time. We were going to make little cards out of it and send it out for Christmas, but we are lazy and didn't do it. :) Haha. Oh well. I try, but I can't be perfect. On a different note, it was great to spend Christmas just us. I missed spending it with my family for sure, but it was good to bond as an actual family.

So enough of that. Recently Jon and I got a dog. He is a Shih Tzu and really adorable. His name is Bing, which means 'soldier' in Chinese. He is around 3 months old now, so still a puppy, and still always getting in trouble. He and Jon both try my patience, but like Jon, he's hard not to love. He's basically just a little furball. We took some pictures of him so that you all can see him.
His eyes look green in this picture because of the flash. They are actually brown. His hair is also cut around his face which we recently did. It grew so long that he couldn't see at all. We like his long hair though, so we didn't cut all of it. :)

And here is a picture of Jon holding him. He at least is manageable in the regard that we can just pick him up if he's doing something we don't want.


DelorumRex said...
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Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

what a cute little family, wish i could meet bing. he is cute! akira would smash him though!

Cassie said...

Aww, your puppy is so cute! Glad to know life is going well. You should call me sometime - I would love to hang out with you (and your puppy) sometime.