Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 Months In...a Lifetime to Go!

It has definitely been a while since I've posted on my blog, and I supposed that is the story of my life. My journals have always had large gaps where I haven't written anything. I don't know why I thought a blog would be any easier.

So here goes. This is my attempt to catch up on the last 6 months of my life. Starting with my wedding! First, here is the invitation we sent out. It is simple and I love it (much thanks to my sister Courtney for editing it for me and making it absolutely perfect). I still have this invitation framed at work. :)
Next, Jon and I were married on August 8th, 2008 for time and all eternity in the Denver LDS Temple at 11:00am, Just like the announcement says. We took lots of pictures at the temple, and a good many of them are of me looking frazzled and tired. Whoever thought getting married would be so much work! Here are a few pictures of us outside the temple.
This is me, Jon and my mom in front of the temple.

This is me and my parents.

Me with my 3 wonderful sisters (also bridesmaids).

Me, Jon and both our parents.

And finally a good picture of just me and my husband.

Before we were married we had an open house in Fort Collins at the Fort Collins Institute of Religion. After the wedding we had lunch at CiCi's Pizza in Denver, and a reception in Grand Junction the following day. After lots of busy days planning a wedding, it was a great feeling to head off on our honeymoon for a couple of days. Destination: Estes Park, CO.

This is the view of the river from our suite.
Here are some elk!

As you can see from these lovely pictures, Estes Park is a really nice place, with lots of fun activities. Jon and I mostly just relaxed in our hotel room and watched the Olympics. :) We only went for a few days, but it was great! I'm glad our honeymoon wasn't busy or touristy. Plus we still had a few weeks after it was over before school started again.

Speaking of school, this was my last semester at CSU, and I'm relieved to say that I graduated!

I got my diploma today in the mail. (I was worried since it took so long to get here.) The best part is, my last semester I got all A's, (so did Jon!) and so I made the Dean's list, which I haven't ever done before. Not only that, but my final GPA ended up at a 3.5! It was really a great semester. Even though I was working a lot, I was focused and interested in my classes. I miss school a lot right now.

I'm still working at Center Partners for TiVo, and I don't really like working full time. I've been sick lately, and so that makes it about 10 times worse. I'm thinking about doing substitute teaching until I can go back to school and get my teacher licensure. Jon and I are looking at several different options, but hopefully I can go back soon. I miss the classroom, believe it or not.

So far, married life is awesome, and it certainly has its benefits with the tax return :) But really, I love my husband, and the last 6 months (effective tomorrow) have been amazing.

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Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you posted finally. Love it! Even though I pretty much know everything, but I still love reading about your life. So now that you want to check my blog often to see your cute nephew, then maybe you should post when you check. Just a subtle hint! haha. love ya