Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Cold, First Snow, First Snow Day(s)...

This week has been slow...and I mean dramatically slow. After a whole week of no husband and many long days student teaching, I was starting to feel a little lonely and a little out of touch with life. Friday I must have sneezed about 14 times (you can ask my 3rd graders, they will attest to that!) and after an evening out with the girls, I woke up saturday sick. Was it just allergies? Only a cold? Maybe (please no!) the flu? Whatever it was, it was my first sickness of 2011 and I spent my whole Saturday and Sunday curled up in blankets on the couch watching TV and drinking orange juice and Best Defense.

Sunday evening I felt a bit better. I graded my papers (so exciting that I get to grade papers now!) and then Jon returned from Georgia and the snow started to fall. It was beautiful, but on the way to and from the airport, I could already tell the roads were starting to ice over. It was great to have my husband back though, and I'll be honest, I wasn't worried about the snow. I've just moved to Wichita from Fort Collins, Colorado. How bad could it be?

Monday morning and back to school I was. Jon called me as he left (ridiculously early) for work and told me to get out of bed! It apparently had snowed a lot overnight and I would need to leave early for school. So I did, and I left at 5 till 8. It took me more than 30 minutes to drive to school, (normally an 8 minute commute) and almost no one was there! Still, Wichita School District refused to cancel school, or even give us a late start. Many kids were absent, and all praying for a snow day tomorrow.

I've never had a snow day. We always had to go to school no matter how much it snowed, and where I grew up, in Grand Junction, it rarely snowed so much to warrant cancelling school. I'd heard of snow days in Fort Collins, but I wasn't a teacher then, and so did not get a day off of work. Monday night I received a text message from my teacher, "no school tomorrow, we have a snow day!" My first random, weather related day off of work!

Tuesday I was so lazy! I took the day to try and recover completely from my illness. I felt much better and was ready to go back to school on Wednesday. And today, I woke up to another text message and another snow day! Today was more productive but still lazy. I don't think I'll ever lose that lazy gene. :) Tonight I made raspberry mini muffins just because...or maybe it was because I felt guilty for not making dinner. ;)

A lot of firsts to my New Year this week! Here's to hoping that these snow days are over (at least for this week)! Call me crazy, but I miss my students, and I won't learn anything about teaching by sitting at home all day.

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Courtney said...

crazy kansas weather! Glad you are enjoying your teaching. It is funny to have snow days, I'm pretty sure there are hardly ever snow days here. haha...