Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trip to LA

At the end of October, I was invited to go with my best friend Tabi to Herbalife's Extravaganza in LA. Since I am not very spontaneous without the help of others, it explains why my friend had to be present for me to plan this trip. It was only for a weekend, but it was filled with fun, adventure and friendship.
Tabi wanted to see the ocean, (and of course who would object to that) so after our flight arrived Friday morning we went down to the beach. Starving, we stopped at this little restaurant we stumbled upon called Scotty's.

Tabi and I in front of the restaurant. They had these wonderful apple muffins!

After eating we went to Hermosa Beach. It was kind of chilly and overcast, but we had a blast!

This was Tabi, minutes before dropping her phone in the ocean. ;) Because of this, we had to later make a trip to the Verizon store.

We then headed to Downtown LA to find our hotel and get ready for the party that night. It was kind of a dumpy place, but we had been kind of spontaneous and waited till the last minute before booking our hotel. At least the party was fun!

The trainings were huge! There must have been thousands of people there and so much energy. We had a ton of fun! My camera battery did die, so I didn't get very many pictures, but Tabi used her phone and was able to capture a few moments!

For more pictures and moments from this trip, check out some pictures from Facebook and the post on Tabi's blog:

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And if you're interested in Herbalife's products or opportunities let me know!

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