Friday, October 30, 2009

Fort Collins Blizzard

Here in Fort Collins a couple days ago, we had a huge snowstorm. They ended up closing the public schools around here and CSU eventually closed as well. Of course Center Partner's stayed open, but that's to be expected. :) Really it wasn't too awful, it was actually really awesome and pretty, just the driving was a little precarious for a few days, but by Monday it was all melted! At least Bing got to play in it before it melted away. I took some pictures of him and me in the snow before I had to go to work. He got really cold and snowy!

And here is one of me and Bing. My dog is adorable!
It took a while for me to get those huge snow clumps off my dog. Lots of fun in the bathtub with my hairdryer.

It was a pretty crazy and fun snow storm. My car was covered, and by the time it was all over and the car was dusted off it had what Jon called, "MC Hammer Hair." Awesome.
We really enjoyed our little piece of Winter. Now back to Autumn!

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Mark + Courtney said...

i love all the snowballs on him, seriously so funny. I still can't believe you guys got all that snow.