Monday, August 31, 2009

Our WWE RAW Anniversary...

As most of those who read this blog already know, my first anniversary with my wonderful husband Jon was on August 8th, 2009. About a week before Jon asked me if I wanted to do something Romantic or Adventurous. I of course chose romantic, but Jon didn't really have anything in mind for romantic. He had his heart set on the adventure he was determined we would have. So we decided, Friday night romance, and Saturday adventure.

Well Friday night, we went out to eat at The Olive Garden, and then set off for a play at The Lincoln Center. In celebration of the "Paper Anniversary," here are our Tickets to "The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree."
As you can see clearly on the tickets, our show started at 7:00pm. But Jon mixed up the times for that and our Saturday Adventure, and we ended up arriving a half hour late :(

Fortunately, there was a showing on Saturday afternoon, at 2:00pm. We ended up switching our our now useless tickets for these. (The beginning of Saturday's adventure!)
We went to Lunch at the Taj Mahal Restaurant in Fort Collins, were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Indian food there (It was a buffet, with some very tasty and interesting dishes; definitely adventurous), and then went home for a power nap and cake eating.
Did I say "cake eating?"

Yes I did. We froze our wedding cake from exactly one year ago, and ate it on our anniversary. It was surprisingly good, and we ate a lot of it. At first when I looked at it I freaked out, mostly because Jon had said "Oh my gosh it's molded!" Then he had a laugh at my expense by reminding me that we had green frosting on our cake, and that the cake can't have molded as it's been in the freezer for the past year. Mmmm Carrot Cake!

The conclusion of our "Adventurous Saturday" ended at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland where we actually witnessed a live showing of WWE RAW. I am not joking, and I have pictures as proof. It was almost hailing when we arrived and Jon finally showed me what we were doing. (notice the ticket again, honoring the "Paper Anniversary.")

And now for some pictures of the live action!

And a few avid fans!
And last but not least...

Nachooooooooooo! (Or some other Luchador)

After our Adventure at WWE RAW, we were too tired to do Jon's other activity, which would be to go to Hooters... So we left the day at that. Maybe not what I would have planned to do for our first anniversary, but the time I got to spend with my husband was awesome.
I love you Jon.
Happy Anniversary Babe! And here's to many many more to come!


The Benfield's said...

looked like a LOT of fun! you are guys are too cute :)

JustJon said...

The problem with having a good first anniversary is now I have to continue to try and think of better and better ideas, or else they will all suck. I should have set my standards lower.

Mallory said...

Lower? You can't get any lower than WWE RAW...

Cassie said...

Taj Mahal does have really good food! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your anniversary.